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wrap up of 2005 - Jane

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January 4th, 2006

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02:33 pm - wrap up of 2005
I finally decided to write in this journal so here it goes for the wrap up.

Well I guess one thing I can say is that 2005 I am so glad you are over. The memories of the begining of this year can fry in hell, but I did enjoy the tail end of things. I am just looking forward to what 2006 has in hold.

Wasted way too much of my life with a complete asshole.
But inturn met the greatest man in the world.
Lost a lot of friends.
But inturn they were assholes and my new friends are amazing people.
Lived most of it in Kalamazoo...ick!
But I moved to Chicago and am soooooo much happier.
Worked in the land of under-paid and over-worked aka MC Sports.
But I now work at Urban Outfitters and love it.
Had the worst boss ever for way too long at MC Sports.
But my boss now is amazing...also my old boss got fired...hehehe.
Spend most of this year not in school which made me completely undriven.
But I started at the school, in September, I have always wanted to attend and doing very well.
Still have short black hair.
And ended the year with the man of my dreams. Happy New Year!
Current Mood: contentcontent finally
Current Music: Television behind me

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Date:January 4th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
kalamazoo isn't completely ick!

I am glad that chicago is treating you so well!
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Date:January 7th, 2006 03:05 am (UTC)

ok not completely

I did meet my wonderful boyfriend there and there are a few good memories left. I just left me with a sick taste in my mouth.
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Date:January 7th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
Yay, an update! I should've checked your journal sooner. It sounds like things are going well! I'm curious about your school, how is it? I think when I was in Chicago I went to the museum attached to it...? What's your boyfriend's name? Sorry I ask so many questions. :P
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Date:January 27th, 2006 10:02 pm (UTC)
I couldn't get the response to your email to you, your inbox is full :( I guess I'll just copy and paste it here, hopefully you get your comments.
That would be pretty cool! I like California a lot, there's a lot to see
here. I hope you can set up at least a semester in LA, it sounds like fun.
If it works out, I'll give you the numbers and addresses of my sister Meri,
my dad, and Plato's cousin Erin maybe, because Erin is cool. That way you
won't be going there with no one to turn to in an emergency, or even with
just a question about the area. I don't know if we could pull off a visit
down there, but I will try! Are you interested in San Francisco? It's
closer. :D And hey, Plato's brother lives there now and he is extra cool. =
bet you'd really like him. He's a photographer.
Things are going alright here. I am stuck on bedrest, which sucks, but ther=
are worse things than lying around on your butt all day, right? If I lie
down most of the time and take it easy, then most likely the baby will not
be born early and everything will be fine. Honestly, I don't want him to be
born just yet, also, because I am freaked out. I don't know anything about
babies! Can you even imagine me with a baby? It's so weird. But any time
now, I will have one. Hopefully I can figure out how his diapers work...
Other than that, Plato's starting his new semester, I'm off of work so I ca=
lie around and do nothing, and the cats keep me company. That's basically
it. How's Chicago? Is Cocoa bean enjoying herself? I miss you lots. If I wi=
the lottery or something I'm thinking of bribing you to come live nearby. I
don't know how or why it was so easy to make good friends in high school,
but it sure isn't anymore for some reason. Maybe we got lucky?

Byee Sarah, good luck on the LA semester!
Love, Krissy

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